Sunday, April 8, 2012

Undone art work is a no no in the biz!

I'm slowly getting back into my painting rut. That's a good thing. I'm making my works much smaller now. That way I'm more likely to complete a painting in one sitting or at least 3 days. Its a good idea to not paint more than one painting at a time. (learned that the hard way) One thing I notice about keeping up a studio practice is that its very important that I don't leave any undone art work lying around ,that all work is complete and published in a timely manner because once the inspiration is gone it's hard to get it back to finish the painting. That takes up alot of energy that can be used for new projects and you end up just spinning your inspiration wheels kinda. That will be a new focus for me here.
, however I don't take commissions seriously until I'm compensated at lest partially, but I'll post more of my thoughts on that later on. My theory now is to keep the paintings simple and the process fun and complete them one at a time and share as quickly as possible. peace.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Damn I'm Wet!!

Last night I had the wonderful privilege to walk home from work in Gods glorious cold rain!  As I was walking I notice how miserable the experience was to me. This really put a damper on my "happiness." at the time and I thought to myself  if my happiness can be negatively affected by something as simple as being wet why do I work so hard to be "happy". But maybe its me noticing how miserable I was being wet the real "happiness." I mean whats the point of being happy when you don't  notice things like that. So I figured that being conscious is  a lot better than being happy. Well sometimes maybe.